5 Skin Care Tips You Must Follow This Summer

Ah, summers. That favorite time of the year with an abundance of holidays and so much joy. But summers also bring rising temperatures, scorching sun, and unbearable heat – your precious skin’s not-so-good friends. Result?

Dull, pigmented, lifeless skin. 

But fret not. Summers can be kinder to your skin. You can regain your skin’s shining glory. All you have to do is follow these 5 summer skincare tips. 

Without much adieu, let’s dive into them. 

  1. Hydrate your skin internally and externally:

Want healthy skin? Make hydration your best friend. 

But people often get hydration wrong. They’ll chug down lots of water and assume they’ve hydrated their skin. That’s only half the job done. 

Hydration has to be done internally and externally. Hence, no matter your skin type, you must invest in a hydrating gel. 

In fact, if you choose the right type of gel, like our Aqua Hydrating Gel, you won’t even feel sticky and oily. 

Spilling a secret: For best results, use our hydrating face wash and top it up with the gel. You have no idea how much your skin’s going to love it! 

  1. Befriend SPF:

Applying SPF, especially during summer, is obvious. It’s your shield to save your skin from tanning and burns. But many people use sunscreens with the wrong SPF and ultimately get sunburnt. That’s why it’s very important to use the one with the right SPF. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using sunscreens with a minimum SPF 15 every day. On days you’ll be largely out in the sun, use SPF 30. 

  1. Indulge in face masks: 

Summers can make your skin dull and tanned. Now is the time to pamper your skin with face masks. They’re indeed the shortcut to revitalizing its lost glow. 

We strongly recommend using our Dead Sea Mud Mask. And if you cannot stop drooling over the smell of coffee, check out our Caffeine Cool Face Mask. Our customers CANNOT stop raving about them. 

  1. Go light with your makeup:

Summers are about going light — both with your clothes and your make-up. 

Now is the time to give your heavy concealers, blush, and foundation a break. Let your skin breathe. Because summers can make your skin greasy. And ruin your overall look. Also, makeup-induced sweat can be a breeding ground for germs. 

  1. Wear sun-protective accessories:

Summers call for hats, sunglasses, and caps. Their sun-saving potential may seem questionable. But they do an exceptional job. 

Even if you’re wearing SPF, don’t step out without donning your hat/cap. It extensively saves you from harmful UV rays. 

Go the extra mile and integrate these summer skin care tips. Your skin is worth all this and so much more.

Tell us in the comments, which is your favorite summer skincare tip?

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