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    Forbidden Love Normal Skin Body Lotion – Glowing & Nourished Skin – 200ml MRP 699.00 559.00 (20% discount) - Inclusive of all taxes

    πŸ’¦ Speeds up the skin’s hydration process for an even complexion of the skin.
    🌸 Reduces dark spots and uneven, blotchy skin patches.
    🌺 Helps stimulate skin cell regeneration.
    🌿 Exfoliates and hydrates the skin, preventing sun damage and reducing hyperpigmentation.
    🍊 Helps boost collagen formation and has anti-inflammatory properties.
    🌞 Helps soothe sunburn and moisturizes the skin.
    πŸ’§ Helps to balance oil production in the skin.
    🌟 Contains powerful antioxidants that protect the skin cells against free radicals and prevent the peroxidation of body fats.

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    Love Rush – Lotion For Sensitive SkinΒ – 200ml MRP 749.00 599.00 (20% discount) - Inclusive of all taxes

    πŸ’†β€β™€οΈ It particularly protects and revitalizes the skin by boosting collagen levels in the skin.
    β˜€οΈ Helps to reduce inflammation caused by UV exposure and sun damage.
    🌿 Improves the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.
    🌺 It treats hyperpigmentation by protecting the skin from sun damage.
    🌸 Soothes the skin and makes it soft, supple, and smooth.
    🌊 Nourishes the skin and helps to keep it youthful.

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    One Glance Dry Skin Body Lotion – Deep Hydrating & Radiance Skin – 200ml MRP 699.00 559.00 (20% discount) - Inclusive of all taxes

    πŸ”’ Improve skin barrier & protect the skin from environmental pollutants.
    πŸ’Ž Contains antioxidants that shield skin cells against free radicals and prevent lipid peroxidation.
    🌿 Acts as an effective anti-irritant, soothing and calming sensitive areas.
    🌟 Provides impressive skin replenishing benefits.
    πŸ’§ Enhances skin’s moisture retention ability.
    πŸ’¦ Increases skin hydration, relieves dryness, and refreshes the skin’s surface.
    ⏳ Slows down the aging process.
    πŸ”… Helps improve skin elasticity.

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