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    Date Night Face Wash – Green Tea Acne Prone Skin – 100ml MRP 799.00 639.00 (20% discount) - Inclusive of all taxes

    🌿 effective natural anti-acne agent.
    🔻 decreases bacteria and inflammation.
    🔁 diminishes cellulite, soothes redness, repairs damage, exfoliates, reduces blackheads.
    🌿 helps shed dead skin, soothes sensitive areas.
    💧 excellent pore cleanser, removes excess oil and impurities.
    😌 alleviates acne irritation.
    🔧 repairs skin, minimizes blackheads.

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    Magic de C Face Wash – Vitamin C Skin Brightening – 100ml MRP 749.00 599.00 (20% discount) - Inclusive of all taxes

    ✨ Hydrate, nourish, and brighten your skin.
    💦 Maintain your skin’s natural moisture balance.
    🌞 Protect against hyperpigmentation and sun damage.
    🌱 Clear pores and promote collagen production.
    🌺 Combat infection, acne, and blemishes.

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    Spell Bound Face Wash – Hydrating & Moisturizing – 100ml MRP 749.00 599.00 (20% discount) - Inclusive of all taxes

    🌸 Soothes and exfoliates skin.
    💧 Hydrates and revitalizes skin.
    ⏰ Long-lasting hydration.
    ⚖️ Controls oil levels.
    👩‍🔬 Refines skin texture, promotes firmness.
    ✨ Gentle exfoliation, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.
    🌱 Purifies and shields from pollutants.

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