USP which makes us Unique

Cruelty Free

Stelanore’s product nor its ingredients have ever been tested on animals. Cruelty-free is a label for products or activities that do not harm or kill animals anywhere in the world. We are not selling in any markets that require animal testing.

Dermatologically tested

Stelanore’s product was tested by or in consultation with a dermatologist for tolerance and signs of obvious or severe skin reactions.

Paraben Sulfate Free

Our skin care products are paraben and sulfate-free, ensuring only the best ingredients for your skin.


Our dermatologist-tested skin care product, designed to deeply nourish and protect your skin. With its gentle formula and clinical results, you can trust that your skin is in good hands.


Stelanore’s all products are Gender Neutral. Our products can be used by both male & female.

Recyclable packaging

100% of the packaging material that we use is either recyclable and/or reusable. We always strive to make choices that would not only benefit our customers but our beautiful planet too.


Stelanore’s Skincare products are Vegan they are not produced from an animal or an animal by-product. One of the benefits of vegan skin care is that it's much less likely to irritate skin since it has fewer potential chemical irritants. It's an incredible source of antioxidants and vitamins that promote healthy looking skin.

Organic Active Ingredients

There is no animal testing being done on Stelanore’s products. Stelanore’s skin care is made with ingredients that meet the same standards as organic food. This means no harsh chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers. When you choose organic skin care, you are using ingredients that work in harmony with your body, allowing your skin to better balance and mend itself.

Environmental friendly

We all want to make good product choices, for the environment and for ourselves. Stelanore’s skin care products are all Environment friendly. Sustainable skin care is essentially choosing products that will meet our skin and beauty needs, without harshly impacting the environment or safety of humans. We all want to make good product choices, for the environment and for ourselves.

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