From Acne to Clear Skin — You Have to Read This Mind-Boggling Transformational Skin Journey 

It’s amazing how using the right product can help you cut ties with acne

Imagine you’re only 14. You’ve got big dreams to chase—a million things to look forward to when you wake up. Instead, a pesky guest greets you every morning – the dreadful, heartbreaking acne.

This is the real story of Khushi Agarwal, the co-founder of Stelanore. 

She shares, “I vividly remember my long, emotionally gruesome battle against acne.”

“What makes acne even worse is not just impacts your physical appearance. It empties your self-worth and drains your confidence to look into the mirror.” 

With a new pimple popping up every other day, Khushi realized she couldn’t battle acne alone. She had to seek expert help. With that began her endless marathons to the top dermatologists of the city. From super expensive products to pocket-ripping skin treatments, she tried them all. 

Did they work? 

Well, only temporarily. 

Since Khushi had combination skin, the anti-acne products dried out her skin. Solving one skin issue gave rise to another problem. The trial and error with different products exhausted her. Even more, it depleted her will to try any more promising solutions.

Khushi’s mother, Asha Agarwal, the founder of Stelanore, couldn’t see her daughter’s plight anymore. It was heart-wrenching. How could none of the products in the market solve her daughter’s skin concern? 

She realised there was a desperate need for anti-acne products that really worked. 

Back then, Asha was already exporting skincare products to the Middle East. She had adept knowledge of skincare formulations. Her extensive experience in the skincare industry inspired her to do something for her daughter’s frequent breakouts. In 2021, Asha took matters into her hands. 

She and her Research & Development (R&D) team spent weeks and months to crack the formulation for a powerful anti-acne product. They were ready to move heaven and earth to manifest this groundbreaking product. After rigorous research, they discovered the secret ingredient of an ace anti-acne formulation — an active imported from Italy. 

Soon this active, along with other ingredients, was used to launch an anti-acne face wash. 

Guess who was the first one to use it?

Indeed, Khushi. 

Hopes were high, stakes even higher. 

What happened next? Did the facewash do a good job?

Good? The facewash did an outstanding job. In about a month, not only Khushi’s entire face cleared up. Her skin felt like a clean, flawless canvas. In fact, her skin glowed like never before. Not just that, Khushi even used it on her back to clear her back acne. And the face wash cleared up her entire back too! 

What’s even more impressive is that Khushi and Asha did not want to keep this powerful secret to themselves. They wanted to share it with the world. Even more, they wanted to share it with every person who had sleepless nights due to acne. 

That said, their aim wasn’t to sell just an ‘anti-acne’ face wash. Instead, they aimed to reaffirm the customer’s faith that they could win their battle against acne. 

If, until now, you’ve been concealing your acne or drenching in victim mode due to acne, take action. Use the anti-acne face wash. It’s time you permanently break up with acne. 

Buy the anti-acne face wash and unveil a never-seen-before you

Got questions about this facewash? Shoot them in the comments, and we’ll be happy to answer them! 

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