Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Sakadikium — An Uncommon, Game-changing Skincare Ingredient

Also, learn how this ingredient can transform the current health of your skin. 

Technology is a beautiful boon in today’s time. It makes our life so much easier and more convenient too. But like everything in life, the good comes with some bad too. 

Our modern-day, technology-infused life brings unhealthy pollution levels and long periods of exposure to blue light and UV. Not just that, our lifestyle also brings with it prickles of stress and anxiety. 

These factors impact our physical and mental health. But very few acknowledge that internal and external stressors negatively influence skin health by accelerating aging and making it look duller and worn. 

What else can you do to slow the skin’s aging process, along with taking lifestyle corrective steps? 

The answer lies in using effective skincare products enriched with anti-aging properties. 

And one such ingredient that steals the limelight is Sakadikium. 

What is Sakadikium? 

Found in the lush green forests of Madagascar, Sakadikium (Hedychium coronarium) plant is adorned with beautiful butterfly-shaped white flowers. It is invasive and spreads by its rhizomes.

Sakadikium has ample, rich skin-benefiting properties, so much so that it inspired us to formulate the WonderStruck Day cream infused with this ingredient. 

Here are the top 3 benefits of using a skincare product with Sakadikium: 

  1. Brightens your skin: 

A study was done on 2 groups of 20 women aged 45-55. These women were severely stressed and actively smoked 10 cigarettes per day. Of these 20 women, 10 were asked to apply 3% sakadikium-enriched cream twice daily for 28 days. And the other group was asked to use a placebo cream for the same duration. After 28 days, there was a 16% higher brightening effect among women who applied the Sakadikium cream versus women who used a placebo cream. Not just that, the group of women also observed a more radiant complexion, softer and more moisturized skin. 

  1. Guards your skin against blue light:

Many of us are guilty of scrolling through our phones before bed. It’s a harmless pleasure, isn’t it? No. The constant scrolling exposes your skin to your phone’s harmful blue light. And this exposure can accelerate aging, making your skin look duller. 

When you lather a sakadikium-enriched cream on your face, it guards your skin against harmful exposure. It acts as a shield against the blue rays penetrating your skin. 

  1. Shields your skin from pollution: 

India houses 63 of the most polluted cities in the world. This rampant increase in pollution levels undoubtedly impacts your physical health. But they also severely impact your skin health. Constant exposure to pollution weakens your skin structure and accelerates the formation of fine lines. 

Sakadikium has an in-built property to guard your skin against pollution. A major win, especially if you live in tier 1 or tier 2 cities in India. 

Sakadikium is indeed a god-sent skincare ingredient. But it has to be formulated accurately to avail of its maximum benefits. That’s why when we wanted to curate a Sakadikium-enriched cream, our experts spent days and months performing trials and errors to make the best of this ingredient. 

That’s how we created the Wonder Struck Day Cream, your ultimate shield against pollution and UV. You cannot miss checking it out here

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