Shocking: Over half of the women don’t know their skin type – says a 2022 study.

This study by the Skin Trust Club also found out 3 other shocking things:

63% of women don’t know or understand their skin type and are damaging their skin with unsuitable cosmetics.

19% of women with oily complexions believed they had a balanced skin type, and 18% thought their skin was dry before they received their results.

10% of women believed they had balanced skin but actually had dry skin, with 5% of women with dry skin believing their skin was oily.

Even worse, because these women incorrectly identified their skin type, they used skincare products that didn’t suit their skin.

And it led to issues such as acne, excessive dryness, and over-producing oil.

That’s why I tell all my customers to check their skin type before they purchase a skincare product.

There are enough sources online to identify your skin type. If that doesn’t help, seek a dermatologist’s help.

But be 100% sure of your skin type and only post that you buy products.

PS: Do you ensure to use skincare products according to your skin type?

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